Extended Combat Example

(Originally posted on Sept 15th, 2016 @ palladiumknights.com)

An Extended Sample of Combat

From our previous examples we have a Knight wearing Plate and Chain who is ambushed on a small road on the outskirts of a town by two bandits. One wearing soft leather the other wearing cloth. The bandit in the leather is wielding a Dirk, the bandit in cloth is armed with a Light Crossbow, most likely stolen from some other passerby. The knight wields her trusty Long Sword and shield.

After failing to convince the knight to relinquish her worldly possessions, they’ve decided to take them for her. They are state their engagements. The knight engages the bandit with crossbow. Bandit with crossbow engages knight. Bandit with Dirk engages knight.

If combatants are engaged with each other it is always assumed they are within range to be able to move and hit their enemies. If a question ever comes up concerning how far a character can move, it is assumed to be equal to the character’s speed attribute in feet.

They then look at their attacks per melee. Each has three. Though wearing Plate and Chain, the knight’s attacks are reduced to two because of encumbrance.

Each player then (knight’s player and gm for the bandits) scripts three volleys of actions in secret. These are to be distributed as evenly as possible.

      Knight: Block and Strike | Strike | X


      Dirk: Physical | Strike | Strike


    Crossbow: Strike | Physical | Physical

The knight is at a disadvantage here. She has to split her limited actions between two attackers!

Then each player reveals the first volley.
The Knight is Striking at Crossbow – is at -10% to strike because of weapon length
The Dirk is using a physical action to draw his dirk.
Crossbow is Firing at Knight –

Now let’s play and resolve!

Volley 1:

The Bandit Draws his Dirk

The Crossbowman fires at the Knight – The knight is unable to block this missile. Bandit rolls his Crossbow: 42% and gets a 4. That’s a hit! Missiles always hit torso. So Knight tests her armour. Which is 75%. The Light Crossbow is VAP-20%, so the knight’s Torso is listed at 55%. She rolls – 88%! Armour Fails! Bandit rolls damage – 2d6 = Snake Eyes! 2 Damage! The knight has lucked out. With a Superficial Injury level of 3. This two damage does not register! Just a nick!

The knight attacks the crossbowman – Now that the crossbow has fired, he no longer has a longer weapon that the knight, therefor the knight is not penalized for the attack. She rolls Sword: 47% – Rolls 63, thats a miss.

Volley 2:

The knight attacks the crossbowman who has scripted a physical actions to re-load! Her attack is unopposed. Her Sword Skill is 47%. She rolls a 64 and misses.

The crossbowman completes the first 1 of 2 physical actions to reload.

The Dirk has a strike vs the knight, also unopposed. Dirk Skill: 57% – Rolls: 36. That’s a hit! The knight player assumes that the dirk wielder is standing to her side, and chooses her left arm to get hit. She tests her armour. Its 65% in this location. She rolls an 88. The dirk slips through a gap in the armour. The dirk has no VAP. The bandit rolls damage 1d4+2 = 6 damage. That’s one shy of a Light Injury, so the knight takes a Superficial Wound. She’s now dropped -10% to all rolls.

Volley 3:

The knight has to rest this volley due to armour encumbrance.

The crossbowman completes the second physical action to reload.

The Dirk has strike vs the knight again. Dirk Skill: 57% – Rolls: 51. That’s another hit. The knight player keeps the same assumption about location and chooses the left arm. Armour here again is 65%. She rolls a 65! The armour deflects the blade this time. Bandit rolls damage. 2d4 +2 = 4. This drops the amours protection rating to 61%.

Combat then continues this way until a combatant surenders, flees, or dies.


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