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Figuring you Character’s Wound Tolerances:

First you want to take the character’s HP at what would be first level. This is essentially 4d6. (3d6 from P.E + 1d6)
Rolling 3d6 we assume a character’s P.E. averages at 11. plus 1d6 averages to 4 (per dnd standards). So lets assume a ‘first level character’ has a starting HP of 15.

A character’s Mortal Injury Tolerance is equal to HP x 2 = 30.
Taking an Injury that would equal 30 damage will cause the character to take a Mortal Injury.

A Character’s Superficial Injury Tolerance is equal to 10% of the Mortal – so 3 damage.
A character’s Light Injury Tolerance is 25% – 7 damage
A character’s Severe Injury Tolerance is 50% – 15 damage
A character’s Traumatic Injury Tolerance is 75% – 22 damage

So this character’s Injury Tolerances are set at 3/7/15/22/30

You do not count HP, but you stack Injuries as a character is wounded.

What do Injuries do?

a Superficial Injury is a cut, a scrape, a bruise, or minor burn – Subtract 10% from all Skills
a Light Injury is a deep cut, a bruised rib, a ripped ear – Subtract 20% from all Skills
a Severe Injury is a broken bone, a torn tendon or muscle, a deep stab wound – Subtract 30% from all Skills
a Traumatic Injury is a punctured lung, or a lopped off arm – Subtract 40% from all Skills
a Mortal Injury kills the character at the end of the scene

Severe, and Traumatic Injuries Bleed.

If a Severe Injury’s bleeding has not been stopped by the end of the session, it bleeds out to a Traumatic Injury
If a Traumatic Injury’s bleeding has not been stopped by the end of the scene, it bleeds out to Mortal.


First Aid can be used to Treat Superficial and Light Injuries.
– a TREATED Superficial Injury heals immediately after successful treatment. or 24 hours after failed treatment.
– a TREATED Light Injury heals 24 hours after successful treatment, or 3 days after failed treatment.

First Aid can stop bleeding for Severe, and Traumatic Injuries.


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