Notes on Version 1.0

(originally posted on Oct 03, 2016 @ – This post is in reference to the first playtest version 1.0. I released it in late September to a closed group of playtesters. Some including my own table.

So looking through the booklet I released of the rule set, I’ve begun to notice some things.

[x] – Characters seem to have a Mortal Injury limit too high to be killed outright by any of the weapon damages. Though characters can still bleed out and take a mortal injury. I’m seeing this as both a positive and a negative. There are so many times in a game that character death is the most boring consequence you can give to a player. So having a character be hard to kill allows the GM to do so many other things that change the character, and a changed character forces a player to make new decisions. I think this is a good thing. On the other hand though, I want combat to be deadly. I don’t want players running into combat after combat with no regards for their character, because they know they wont die. I do think that the injury penalties alone will help to insulate player behavior from being this way.

[x] – Character power (strength) does not factor into melee damage. I kind of wanted it to. It does factor into skill use for Axes, and Hammers though. So characters who are more powerful are better at using these weapons causing them to hit more often with them. Though more powerful characters don’t do more damage than less powerful characters, and I do not know how I feel about this. If I stuck with Palladium’s 16, 17, and 18 doing +1, +2, and +3 damage, that would work but Im not too fond of that system. Having a 16+ give a bonus is well and great, but what about the attribute scores of 3 – 15? They’re completely obsolete. They dont matter. You might as well scale all attributes 1 – 4 then. 1s dont matter. 2, 3, and 4 provides a bonus. This is one of the main reasons I set out to hack the system. A solution then, that I could offer would be to change the modifiers. You could do 3 – 8 at -1, 9 – 11 a +0, 12 – 14 a +1, a 15 – 16 a +2, and a 17 – 18 a +3. This would keep the rest of the damage ratings for Twenty Pennyweights relatively in balance.

I continue to think on this. Just ramblings. Im not modifying anything yet. I want to playtest it first to see how things work out.


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