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I’ve been thinking and making some notes on dark sorcerous things. This is the first long form version of those notes.

Sorcery is a skill ‘seeded’ in Will. I originally wanted to seed it in Intelligence but as I began crafting the concept of how sorcery and magic works in the setting, I decided Will was more appropriate. Dualism and Faith come into play with sorcery, but I’ll leave it to the basics. But the basics are that our world is the dark version of worlds, controlled by spirits of the fallen. These deamons can be ‘bound’ by a sorcerer’s will, and the sorcerer can use these spirit’s ‘powers’ to cast their unholy spells.

The Skill Percentage for sorcery shows the line that the sorcerer walks between corruption and destruction. The smaller the number, the more chance the sorcerer faces destruction from the powers he/she must bind and control. The larger the number, the more chance the sorcerer faces corruption from the very deamons he/she draws power from. When the player rolls the dice, they are aiming to hit as close to the skill percentage as they can.

an example: Ronnie’s Sorcerer calls out to the spirits that be, summoning the power to control sorcerous fire and cast forth into our world. His Sorcery skill is 52%. Ronnie wants to roll as close to 52 as he can. The sweet spot is 47 – 57. Within 5 ‘degrees’ of his skill percentage. Rolling a 01 – 46 will increase his sorcerer’s corruption stat. Rolling a 58 – 100 would sap the sorcerer’s fortitude, making him weaker. This corruption/destruction is earned of increments of 1 point for every 5 ‘degrees’ of success or failure. If Ronnie rolls a 32, he succeeds and earns 3 points of corruption. Because of the 15% difference. (47 – 32 = 15). If Ronnie rolls a 72, he fails at the casting (this failure is subject to the standard failure consequence rules including having the Sorcerer cast the spell at a cost), he then would have 3 points sapped from his Fortitude.

This limits the power of sorcerers. Because the player’s have to flirt with the possibility of taking literal damage when their fortitude runs out, or losing their characters to when their corruption reaches 100. Perhaps this will make them stop and question whether or not the use of spells is necessary.


If a sorcerer’s Corruption stat ever becomes a 100 the sorcerer’s time is over. its time for them to pay their dues. The souls of the damned come forth from the earth and pull the sorcerer asunder.

Fortitude Drain

Fortitude is drained when sorcerer’s fail sorcery rolls. Fortitude is drained 1 point for every 5% increment of failure. Once Fortitude is reduced to 0, the Sorcerer passes out. For every point into the negative that fortitude is drained the sorcerer takes a level of injury as follows:
-1 Superficial, -2 Light, -3 Severe, -4 Traumatic, -5 Mortal

Mortal Cost

Some spells have a higher cost. For some spells, our mortal world requires a rift to be built between the worlds. A spell example would be something like, ‘Summon Deamon’. The Deamon is a creature of spirit nature, not of our mortal realm. As such the sorcerer must offer a physical ‘vessel’ for the Deamon to cross over into our world. I seed to grow into a dark twisted tree, or a womb may due for this.

These ‘rituals’ will have individual rules for the costs needed.


Im still working on a spell list.


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