v2.0 – System Update

I broke down. I rebuilt the system from the ground up. I did away with percentile dice totally. I decided to rebuild the system as a small 2d6+ modifier system. Accept for the rules for helping -where players share actual dice, armor -which is rolled 1d6+ modifier, and weapons – which remain unchanged.

Some changes included in V2.0:

The ‘Power’ Attribute has been changed to ‘Strength’.

The ‘Mortal Injury’ Stat has been relabeled as ‘Health’.

A new stat has been added, ‘Mettle’ will test character’s resolve against fear and pain.

Skills have been changed to be reflected as modifiers added to a roll of 2d6. The result is then compared to a target number. Target numbers increase due to difficulty of task. I think I’d like to add a note here to mention how well I think the target number system is going to work. I noticed it while working on the Armorer skill. Under the V1 rule set an armorer may have a base skill of 43%. That Armorer therefore, has a 43% chance or crafting Leather armor, Scale mail, or Full Plate. Not exactly engaging, or dramatic. With the new target number system, an armorer can have a TN10 to craft Leather armor, and TN25 to craft Full Plate.

The selection of armors has been reduced to a more streamlined grouping.

Damage has been changed from keeping up with individual injuries to tracking points of damage along an ‘injury scale’. For each point of damage a character takes the tracker is filled. As this tracker is filled the character gains penalties for there skill rankings indicated at Lightly Wounded, Severely Wounded, Traumatically, etc.

Sorcery to come!



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