The Deep Dark

Its been awhile. After the holidays things got busy. I cointinue to work on Twenty Pennyweights: I reformatted the book to prepare for print -including updating fonts and heading, etc. I’ve completed the chapter on Faith (Priests w/ Miracles, Clerics w/ Orisons), and finished the chapter on mass combat that Im calling Battle! I’ve complied a list of animalia and beasts for the Bestiary chapter, and I’ve reconfigured several of the appendices. Work continues. You can download the new Faith chapter here


The main purpose of this post though is, The Deep Dark; An experimental rpg I finished recently. I found out recently that April is a ‘200 word Rpg Design Challenge’ month and has been since 2015, I believe. The Deep Dark is my entry into the challenge.

The Deep Dark is a survival game about dungeon delving, and resource management, in 200 words. You can download it free here


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